Foodie Friday #7

First in this week’s lineup is a classic egg on toast.  I rarely eat eggs, but when I do they can only be fried.  I tossed in salt, pepper, and garlic, and topped with spicy salsa and cheese shreds.  And yes, that’s a bit of ketchup under there. I’m a huge fan of miso.  It … More Foodie Friday #7

Hopdoddy Poplar Ave

You can probably tell by my social media that I’ve been a frequent visitor at Hopdoddy in Overton Square since its opening.  I’ve enjoyed every dish I’ve been able to taste, so I was stoked when I heard that they were opening a location in East Memphis, and that I was invited to return for … More Hopdoddy Poplar Ave

Foodie Friday #6

Summer is almost over (according to the calendar, anyway), so this week’s FF seems almost like a nostalgic look at foods that are signature summer eats.  Although it Memphis will certainly maintain its temperatures until probably November, everyone can agree burgers, fried snacks, and fresh fruit are at their peak of satisfying-ness around this time. … More Foodie Friday #6

Foodie Friday #6

My menu this week featured a lot of salads and fresh veggies to keep it clean in preparation for some events I had to attend this weekend.  I also recently started a new gym routine, and wanted to stay away from anything too processed, too sugary, etc. for a while.  It’s working so far! I’ve … More Foodie Friday #6

Foodie Friday #5

What’s this?  Three blog posts in a week? Heavens t’ Betsy. I’ve been making food at home more often recently, due to my friends’ wedding this weekend and Momocon next week.  Hiking all over a downtown Atlanta and a huge convention center is much more difficult when you’re stuffed full of fake meat burgers and … More Foodie Friday #5

Foodie Friday #4

I know I haven’t posted one of these in a while (i.e. a few months), but in an effort to conserve, well, my wallet… I haven’t been dining out as much.  Here are a few things that made the cut, though! After a meeting downtown one morning, I wound up at Court Square, and found … More Foodie Friday #4