Press Trips & Sponsored Travel

(Media Kit available upon request)

What I Offer

In exchange for accommodation (3 nights) in your hotel or lodge, I offer the following:

  • Full review of my stay (500-1000 words) including photographs, published on
  • Daily Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram images regarding your establishment during my stay.
  • I will follow all social media accounts for the establishment.
  • A link to the hotel or lodge’s website on the ‘Accommodation’ page of my blog.
  • In the event that I vlog during the trip, your hotel will be featured in the finished Vlog on my YouTube Channel.

I am especially interested in establishments that are eco-friendly, sustainable, or plant-based friendly, given the nature of my blog.  Boutique hotels and AirBnb are also always welcome!

What I Need

As a professional blogger, I am looking for the following from my accommodation sponsors:

  • The accommodation must be suitable for 2 adults.
  • It must have free Wifi for blogging and social media. (Negotiable for remote destinations such as state parks.)
  • Official confirmation of my stay from the hotel or lodge.

My Terms of Coverage

I will agree to the sponsorship under the following terms:

  • I will state in the post that it is sponsored, so that my readers can be aware of the honesty and integrity of my review.
  • I will speak honestly in my social media, even if the accommodation is free.
  • During the trip, Social Media posts will occur daily.  Blog posts and links will be published within 7 days of the stay.  In the event that I vlog during the trip, your establishment will also be featured in the finished Vlog on my YouTube channel.

If you have questions, or are interested, I can be contacted here, or at!

Upcoming Travels

Fall 2016

Petit Jean State Park & Mather Lodge  ✓

Austin, TX

Winter 2016

Opryland, Nashville, TN

Grand Rivers, KY