Rizzo’s Diner

Rizzo’s Diner by Chef Michael Patrick offers all the best local ingredients, and a relaxed, upscale atmosphere. The Food Network-featured restaurant reopened last year at 492 S. Main, right across from Bluff City Coffee.  In addition to its tempting in-house menu, it also offers catering for groups of 15-19 and 20+. The entryway, decorated with … More Rizzo’s Diner

Candle Haul

Every Monday, there are a few shops I pop into of mostly for some home inspiration.  The holiday enthusiasm didn’t really hit me until this past weekend, so on my weekly inspo run, I wound up in Marshall’s with a cart full of candles. Needless to say, they are a huge weakness of mine.  Usually, … More Candle Haul

What I Ate #1

If you follow my Insta, then you know I’ve been living in a hotel while my house gets reno-ed.  But the cool thing is, the happy hour here is free to guests, and the chef is vegetarian-conscious.  Jackpot! Some of my favorite foodies post quick recaps of what they ate during the day/week/month, and if … More What I Ate #1

The Festive Tag!

It’s December!  I know it seems like it’s been the longest year ever, and believe me, I’m feelin’ it. This year, I decided I’d participate in Blogmas, which is kind of like Youtube’s 31-day Vlogmas trend/challenge, but blogging instead.  I’ll be doing posts about everything from DIY to recipes to recommendations.  The first post is … More The Festive Tag!