Media Kit

Hi!  I’m so glad you’re interested in working with me.

My name is Erin Ortasic, and I’m a plant-based food, travel, and event blogger from Memphis, Tennessee.  I’m also a professional photographer, and have worked with many businesses, local and non-local.  My past hobby of creative writing is what spurred me to create my blog,, in early 2015.

My Content

I mainly blog about event coverage, my travels, veggie-friendly restaurants and venues, and cruelty-free products.


  • Featured on the State Parks of Arkansas Facebook. (1)
  • Featured on the Breakfest 901 Facebook. (1)
  • Featured on the EFFI Foods Facebook. (1)
  • Featured on the Bosco’s Squared Facebook page. (1)
  • Featured on the Strano Sicialian Kitchen Fabebook page. (1)
  • Featured 2 times on the Strano Sicilian Kitchen Instagram. (1 2)
  • Featured on the Juice Bar Memphis Instagram. (1)
  • Featured 3 times on the VisitFranklin Stories website. (Photos featured: 1 2 3)
  • Featured on the Grist Mill Facebook page. (1)
  • Riverside 1844 Artisanal Foods post featured on several local social media outlets.
  • Best Memphis Burger Fest 2015 Judge: Veggie Burger Category
  • Featured on the Visit Holly Springs Facebook. ( 1 )


For Press Trip and Sponsored Travel policies, visit this page.

For Sponsored Blog and Social Media Posts not involving travel and/or accommodation, I will agree to the sponsorship under the following terms:

  • I will state in the post that it is sponsored/’brought to them by (x)’, so that my readers can be aware of the honesty and integrity of my review.
  • I will speak honestly in my social media, even if the item or service is free.
  • Blog posts will be published within 7 days of receiving the item or service.  Social Media posts may occur as soon as the day of, but no later than 7 days.

Social Stats

While my blog was founded in early 2015, I have been an avid Instagram user for many years, with my most popular post gaining over 1,500 likes in July 2016.

The following stats are as of August 31, 2016:

Klout Score



Monthly Views: 900

Monthly Visitors: 750


Followers: 160+

Monthly Impression Avg: 3,500

Monthly Likes: 3,143


Follower Avg: 50


Followers for Erin Ortasic Media: 190+

Avg Reach: 7,195 | @erinortasic |