Foodie Friday #3

Since I spent most of this week trapped in my house due to another round of snow, there wasn’t much variety in my life.  (There are only so many ways you can utilize canned beans.) One night, I unearthed a pack of Helen’s Kitchen Veggie Carnitas from the freezer.  I sauteed it with some sweet onions, and … More Foodie Friday #3

Foodie Friday #1

Happy new year!  Time to brush the dust off the blog (Has it been two and a half months?), and get back to business.  There’s a new series I’ve been trying to get to for a while on here, and with the holidays, I’ve just been too overwhelmed.  I really wanted to start doing this … More Foodie Friday #1

The Kitchen: Next Door Crosstown | Memphis, TN

If you’re familiar with The Kitchen in Shelby Farms, then you’ll love this addition to Crosstown Concourse.  From my experience at the media preview to this day, everything is consistently fresh, unique, and delish. The Kitchen Next Door location has a different atmosphere than its eastern counterpart, offering a slightly more casual, family-oriented experience to … More The Kitchen: Next Door Crosstown | Memphis, TN

Bottled Vegan Dressings by Imagine Vegan Cafe | Memphis, TN

There are few things worse than knowing something exciting, and not being able to tell, but now I can: Imagine Vegan has now bottled their vegan dressing! Finding a delicious vegan ranch dressing has been extremely difficult, and I’ve even tried to do it myself and failed superbly.  But upon tasting Kristie’s recipe, we said … More Bottled Vegan Dressings by Imagine Vegan Cafe | Memphis, TN