Foodie Friday #5

What’s this?  Three blog posts in a week? Heavens t’ Betsy. I’ve been making food at home more often recently, due to my friends’ wedding this weekend and Momocon next week.  Hiking all over a downtown Atlanta and a huge convention center is much more difficult when you’re stuffed full of fake meat burgers and … More Foodie Friday #5

Vegan Eggnog Recipe

A few weeks ago, at an early Christmas party, a vegetarian friend of mine mentioned that he had been wanting to make egg-free, dairy-free eggnog.  During the holidays, I usually get the So Delicious Coconut Nog, but this made me curious about making my own.  Turns out, it’s fairly simple to make and only takes … More Vegan Eggnog Recipe

Vegetarian Sushi Secrets Cookbook

I’ve gushed about my love for plant-based sushi in the past.  If you’re a sushi aficionado, you’re bound to appreciate the refreshing flavors of the many kinds of rolls and dishes you can make in your own kitchen. Local chef Marisa Baggett, known for her first cookbook Sushi Secrets: Easy Recipes for the Home Cook, recently published another sushi-centric … More Vegetarian Sushi Secrets Cookbook