Vegetarian since 2008.  Food enthusiast since 2013.


I come from a family of amazing cooks, but I never had any great talent with food.  Over the last several years, though, I grew more passionate about what we put into our bodies, and of course, became more interested in how to prepare food.

I worked for Whole Foods from 2014 til 2016 in the Prep Foods department, which was a really incredible learning experience.  I met a lot of amazing people there!

In early 2016, I moved on to be the Admin Assistant and social media gnome for a locally-sourced grocery in Memphis, and in April 2017, I became Assistant Store Manager.  I loved my job, and what I did allowed me to work with some of the kindest and coolest people and product-makers in the Mid-South.  Due to some interesting circumstances, however, I no longer work there.  Now, you can find me all over the place at events, tastings, and fundraisers of all kinds!

Some of my event photos can be found here, and I also have a new geek-centric blog here, where I talk about my interests outside of food.

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