Farm Burger Crosstown | Memphis, TN


The Crosstown Concourse’s newest addition hosted a series of preview tastings this past weekend.  Farm Burger rests just inside in the building’s recently unveiled East Atrium on the ground floor, in an open, inviting space that features a bar, tall bar tables, and several large family-sized booths.  The fast casual environment offers a quick but delicious experience, perfect for those who work in the Concourse, are visiting, or those who just want to pop in for a meal.


When you first arrive,  you are greeted by an extremely friendly and informative hosting staff.  They were available for the duration of our visit for any and all questions, and their presence definitely came in handy.  Farm Burger’s menu provides options that are pre-built, or you are able to build your own burger with specialty toppings and cheeses.  Sides include sweet potato fries, pimento fries with pickled jalapeno, gouda grits with charred tomato salsa, and kale slaw.

I spoke to one gentleman about the vegetarian selections, and while he stated that he did eat meat, he thought that the house-made veggie burger was fantastic.  I ordered the pre-designed Veggie as listed on the menu, while my dining partner, a self-proclaimed veggie burger connoisseur, added red onion and fresh jalapeno.  We each grabbed a Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, my favorite summer beer, and snagged a table.


The Summer Shandy is a wonderfully refreshing, silver medal-winning lemony beer that’s only available March through August.  Farm Burger also offers beer on tap, and will soon serve wine.


First is my burger:  the house-made quinoa patty topped with heirloom tomato, goat cheese, and pesto.  It truly is amazing!  This was my first time trying a quinoa-based burger, and I’m totally sold.  The surface of the patty is crispy and well-cooked, while the inside is still moist, and full of texture and earthy flavor.

I did find out, however, that the patty itself is not vegan, as they use egg for a binder.  The Nashville location has a vegan burger, so hopefully they can bring that item to this location to be all-inclusive.

I chose sweet potato fries for my side, and they were super fresh and perfectly cooked.  The outsides were crunchy and dusted with salt, while the insides were softer and full of flavor.


We also tried the beer-battered onion rings.  Just like with everything else, we loved them.  They weren’t too bready, and the batter had plenty of seasoning.  I didn’t even add ketchup or anything!

Needless to say, I love this place.  If you didn’t get to try it this weekend, it will be open to the public very soon!  It’s just down the hall from where I work, so I know this will be my new favorite stop.


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