Brunch at Imagine Vegan Cafe | Memphis, TN


In the heart of Cooper-Young lies one of Memphis’ few completely cruelty-free establishments.  Imagine Vegan is owned and operated by Adam and Kristie Jeffrey, along with a small but enthusiastic staff, and their four managers-in-training (the Jeffrey children).  I’ve been dining at Imagine since it was in its original location in CY, and have always loved it, but I have to slap myself on the wrist for not ever having written about it.

Last Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised with the day off, and I wound up here for brunch.  I met my mother, another long-time vegetarian, as Imagine has become her favorite post-farmer’s market stop.  As usual, the cafe was packed.

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It took some deliberation, but we eventually settled on splitting a Memphis Slam and a Breakfast Platter.  The Memphis Slam is a bed of homemade vegan biscuits topped with tofu scramble, vegan sausage, peppery flour gravy, and vegan cheese.

This is my mother’s favorite dish, as she’s always loved biscuits and gravy.  The biscuits are soft and melt in your mouth, and the scramble is very savory.  I loved how much pepper was in the gravy!  If you’re dining with an omni, they’d probably never be able to tell the difference.  (Baby steps.)

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The Breakfast Platter is more like a traditional style breakfast: tofu scramble, grits, hashbrown, a biscuit, and your choice of ‘bacon’ or ‘sausage.’  The sausage was great!  I actually added a ton of pepper to my grits, and a dash of hot sauce, ’cause that’s how I have to have them.  Hashbrowns are my jam, and these were perfect.  Crisp and salty, not greasy like most places serve them.  I’ll take a whole plate of them, please.

Imagine is the best place in Memphis to grab some guilt-free grub.  They have vegetable sides and salads if you want them, but we all crave good Southern cooking occasionally, and Imagine is the place to go.



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