Jasmine Thai & Sushi | Paducah, KY

During our vacation in Grand Rivers, my mother and I decided to make the 30 minute trip to Paducah to go shopping for her birthday.  We didn’t have much for breakfast, so a quick Google search lead us to Jasmine Thai and Sushi.


First, we ordered tea, and while it admittedly took longer than it should have for us to get our drinks, they were good and strong.  I chose oolong, one of my favorites.  It’s just faintly citrus-y.

We started with vegetarian spring rolls, filled with cabbage, thin rice noodle, carrot, and onion.  They’re served with a yummy sweet sauce.  What I loved about it was they actually give you an even amount to split.  Unfortunately, we scarfed them before I thought to snap a picture.  Oops.


At first, the idea of fresh, cold vegetarian sushi rolls sounded fantastic (almost the entire weekend was hot and ridiculously humid), but after reading the Thai options, we opted for one of those instead.


The Vegetarian Delight can be ordered with just veggies or with tofu, and features broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, green cabbage, and garlic with a light savory sauce.  It was the perfect portion for two people to share.  The vegetables were crunchy and delicious, while the tofu was softer and a little sweet.

The Thai dishes come with white rice, or you can sub side of brown or vegetable fried rice for $1.  We stuck with the plain white, which was perfect for soaking up the extra sauce.


Overall, we really enjoyed our experience.  Our servers switched in the middle of our meal, which was fine because the second one (Justin) was very nice and attentive, while our first waitress seemed like she wanted to be somewhere else and was unwilling to put in our lunch order at 4PM (the cutoff for lunch), despite us waiting for about 15 minutes beforehand for her to reappear.  A manager resolved everything, though!

I definitely recommend going here.  There’s also a very clean, pleasant mall about a block away!


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