RAWK’n Grub Food Truck meets CANVAS of Memphis

Congratulations to the happy couple!

RAWK’n Grub Food Truck and CANVAS of Memphis finally tied the knot this week after several successful (and delicious) brunches dates.  RGFT is now a permanent fixture!

If you’ve never tried Chef Steph’s grub, here’s the gist: They take raw, local ingredients and ‘put a rock’n chef’s spin on it.’  Everything is named after a musician or song (Patti La Mellte, SxSW Tacos, I Am The Waffle).


If you’re plant-based, you’ll be happy to know that RAWK’n Grub is more than willing to modify any of their dishes.  In fact, the veggie burger (black eyed pea and jalapeno) is literally the best I’ve ever tried, and they’ll sub it onto any sandwich.


The Patti La Mellte features bourbon smoked salt caramelized onions, smoked gouda pimento cheese, american cheese, and the patty of your choice on grilled wheatberry bread.  It’s gooey and packed with flavor.


The next dish I tried was the SxSW Tacos, which are two soft shells filled with eggs, beans, smoked blue cheese, shredded lettuce, fire-roasted tomato corn salsa, and guacamole.  (The menu says it comes with chorizo, but I opted out.)  This was a stretch for me, because I normally do not like blue cheese, but these tacos were fantastic.  They’re smoky and filling, and I looooove the homemade salsa!

If you’re looking to try it out, here are RAWK’n Grub’s hours:

LUNCH: Wed-Fri 11AM-2PM



EDIT: Since posting this, the two businesses have parted ways.  To my knowledge, CANVAS’ kitchen is still closed, but they seem to allow other food trucks on the lot.  RGFT is back on the road, but I can’t find a schedule.


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