City Silo Table + Pantry | Preview Tasting

Memphis’ newest eatery opens tomorrow, and I was very excited to get sneak peek at the menu.  City Silo Table + Pantry is located in the Sanderlin Center in the same spot as its predecessor Cosmic Coconut, plus an expansion, and is just as bright and inviting.



Owner Scott Tashie’s latest venture will still offer a large plant-based menu, but will now include dishes that use egg, dairy, or chicken.  Ingredients will also be as local and organic as possible.  If you have a friend or family member who isn’t so sure about vegan food, this is the perfect place to get them to try it out.  Executive Chef Will Byrd, who helped develop the menu, did an incredible job, and everything was wonderful.



Guests were greeted with samples of house-made juices and Prosecco with freshly sliced strawberries.  I opted for the Go Green, because green juices and smoothies are my favorite.  This tart drink is a blend of spinach, parsley, kale, celery, Granny Smith apple, lemon, and ginger.  It would be perfect for an early morning!

And yes, I went back for some Prosecco.




While waiting for your drink or meal, you can peruse local favorites like Dr. Beans Coffee and Cold Brew, Green Girl Microgreens, and Memfizz just across the restaurant.  I definitely spied a few things I want.



The Vegan BBQ Jack Burger was the first thing that caught my eye.  It featured pulled, seasoned jackfruit topped with purple cabbage, and I picked up a side of roasted sweet potato wedges, which were garnished with a spicy sauce.  Having grown up in Memphis, finding great vegan barbecue has been a mission of mine, and this was seriously delicious.


The next item I tried was the Buffalo Cauliflower Tempeh Wrap, for which I will be most certainly be returning.  It’s full of hearty, savory goodness, and has the perfect amount of heat.


I was also informed about the interesting addition of Wellness Lattes, which are drinks packed with nutrients from herbs, roots, and vegetables.  I was tempted into a Hot Chagalate, which uses ingredients like ground Siberian Chaga mushrooms and young Thai coconut cream.  The end result is a frothy, warm drink that’s surprisingly comforting.


In addition to lunch fare, the restaurant will also offer breakfast, kid-friendly meals, plenty of coffee choices, and kombucha on tap.

City Silo is set to open this Saturday (January 14th), so stop by and try some of their unbelievable food.  I’ll be at the coffee bar.


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