NYX Cosmetics Haul | ULTA

I think everyone can agree that with all the gift shopping we do in December, more often than not, we find ourselves leaving each store with one or two items tucked away for personal use.  Hey, the season of giving means we can give to ourselves, too, right?


Typically, if I’m planning on picking up anything make-up related, I head to Ulta.  It’s on my normal Monday route, and their frequent mailers mean I can get my favorite cruelty-free Tarte foundation at a better price than some other make-up shops.  Plus the employees always seem genuinely nice.

So, lo and behold, on a recent trip, my other favorite vegan brand NYX had little red tags all over the shelves.  I didn’t stand a chance.  After sifting around for a few minutes, I came away with three Extra Creamy Lipsticks and two Infinite Shadow Sticks.


I’m pretty traditional when it comes to lip color.  Reds, nudes, that sort of thing.  If I’m feeling especially summery or festive, maybe something with some coral or shimmer.


I already own one Extra Creamy Lipstick in Tea Rose, which is slightly more pink than my own lip color.  They’re very buttery and shiny, but look sheer once you blot.  In this super chilly weather, I totally recommend these, as they don’t wear off easily and keep your lips hydrated.

Pumpkin Pie is the one I like the most of the three.  It has a sheen, but no shimmer, and it’s exactly my lip shade, so I would actually feel comfortable wearing it without any other makeup, and I won’t have to be perfectly precise when applying.  I thought they were sold out, but they had one left up at the checkout that someone didn’t buy.  Woohoo!

Margarita is a light shimmery pink, perfect for a party or night out.  I might be wearing this one more when spring comes.

Rose is a little bit of both.  It’s just dark enough to pass as a nighttime color, but would be fine during the day.  There’s a little bit of glitter, but you can only see it when you’re pretty close.



The Shadow Sticks looked very interesting.  I automatically gravitate towards powder eyeshadows because creams always seemed to crease.  I went out on a limb just because they looked so amazing, and got one in Silk and one in Crystal.

I tested them out, and they literally do not budge.  I had to scrub for a few minutes to even put a dent in them, so that’s very promising if you have oily skin like I do.  I also struggle with constantly getting glitter in my eyes when applying inner crease highlights, so I can’t wait to use these.  I think my eyes will thank me.

If you’re interested in NYX’s products, definitely check out their website.  It’s a wonderful choice for the animals and your wallet.




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