Rizzo’s Diner | Memphis, TN


Rizzo’s Diner by Chef Michael Patrick offers all the best local ingredients, and a relaxed, upscale atmosphere.

The Food Network-featured restaurant reopened last year at 492 S. Main, right across from Bluff City Coffee.  In addition to its tempting in-house menu, it also offers catering for groups of 15-19 and 20+.



The entryway, decorated with bright flowers and plants, is very welcoming, and houses several plaques from different events.  The first thing I noticed was the amount of natural light, which I always love.



The walls are adorned with some amazing local artwork, all available for purchase.  Most of the pieces are very eclectic, which adds to the artsy atmosphere unique to South Main.

Every table had its own yellow rose, a simple but lovely touch that brightened the restaurant.



I decided on a Lemon Drop, my go-to drink, which I was pleased to learn utilized house-made lemonade.  You can definitely taste the difference.  It’s sharp and acidic, but slightly sweet, with a trace of pulp.  The cocktail was garnished with a piece of candied fruit and a sugared rim.


Rizzo’s is extremely plant-based and gluten-free accommodating.  While the menu appears to offer mostly meat-based dishes, there’s an ever-fluctuating list of veggie side dishes, and customers are more than welcome to adjust meals according to what they need.

“Nowadays, you have to be on the vegetarian wagon,” waiter Chris Lucchesi says.

While you’re doing all your holiday shopping, stop by for a bite and a cocktail to warm you up.  You’re sure to love it!




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