Candle Haul

Every Monday, there are a few shops I pop into of mostly for some home inspiration.  The holiday enthusiasm didn’t really hit me until this past weekend, so on my weekly inspo run, I wound up in Marshall’s with a cart full of candles.

Needless to say, they are a huge weakness of mine.  Usually, I like to have several lit around my home or work space, and I pretty much stick with warm, spicy, or nature-y scents.  (I’ve been using my Fresh Balsam BBW Wallflowers like crazy.)

Bonus Tip:  When picking out candles, run your finger across the top of the wax.  If it’s oily, then great!  That means there’s plenty of oil added to make it burn longer and smell stronger.  If it’s dry, leave it.  Candles that feel dry to the touch will burn away quickly, and can be a waste of money.


This Cold Brew candle by Makers of Wax Goods was the first thing I spotted.  It’s in a taller black jar with copper labeling.  This is honestly the best coffee-scented anything I’ve ever found.  It’s sharp and slightly bitter, which makes it smell exactly like good, fresh grounds.

Next were these two DW Home candles in Christmas Morning.  They smelled super familiar to me, and I didn’t realize until later that they are fairly close to the discontinued Yuletide scent by Archipelago.  It’s sweet, and smells of vanilla and roasted coffee.  They were $2.99 each, so I nabbed both.

The last one is this massive wood-wick candle (also DW Home) in Balsam Fir.  It’s perfect for making your home smell like a warm log cabin.  There are amazing thick scents of cut wood, smoke, and fresh trees.  Also, because it has a wooden wick, it crackles just like a fireplace.



Happy Holidays!



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