What I Ate #1

If you follow my Insta, then you know I’ve been living in a hotel while my house gets reno-ed.  But the cool thing is, the happy hour here is free to guests, and the chef is vegetarian-conscious.  Jackpot!

Some of my favorite foodies post quick recaps of what they ate during the day/week/month, and if you’re like me and downright nosy about that stuff, then you love those posts as much as I do.  I think it goes hand-in-hand with the plant-based thing.  We’re all inherently foodies, and love fresh ideas.

So, since I’ve been strapped for time, here’s a rundown of the best dishes I had in the last week or so.


For Thanksgiving, I typically run up to Brighton to my grandparents’ house.  Most of my family consists of meat-eaters, but they’re extremely considerate!  My father made Black Pepper Mashed Potatoes with some fake bacon.  My grandmother made vegan dressing, and I also got some corn, collards, and a tiny piece of brownie.  I went back for seconds (okay, thirds) on the potatoes.  Sooo good.


I love avocado toast, but I had some Las Delicias Guac in the fridge, so I used that instead for breakfast.  (By the way, I’m obsessed with these huge sliding doors to the balcony in my hotel room.  The lighting is amazing.)


On Black Friday, Seasons 52 advertised an all-day happy hour, and I’d never been, so we stopped by.  They only had one appetizer on the happy hour menu that didn’t involve meat (the Roasted Shishito Peppers), so we got a bowl of their vegan Butternut Squash and Cremini Mushroom Soup, because it was an especially chilly day.

The bartenders completely surprised us with a binder that has lists of every dish they have to accommodate certain dietary restrictions, like vegan and vegetarian, and what you can ask for to modify them.  This is pretty awesome, and keeps you from having to ask a million questions.


Both dishes were awesome.  The peppers weren’t spicy at all, which I was grateful for, and it was big enough to split.  The soup was earthy and a little sweet, and totally hit the spot.  You get a little bread stick with it, which I may or may not have used to sop the bowl with.


Sunday night, I went to Dixie Cafe.  Veggie Plates start at about $9 for four veggies or sides, and the service is really fast.  I got kernel corn, mashed potatoes (with veg-friendly white gravy), turnip greens, and a side salad, which was the size of a normal salad, which was pretty cool.  If you’re vegan, you may be a little more limited here, but there’s definitely something for you if you’re craving home cookin’.


Lastly, was my lunch from my first day back at work after Thanksgiving.  I’ve been eating corn like crazy, and I had a little left in the freezer, so I mixed and boiled it with some green peas.  I also had a Fuji apple (they’re $1.29/lb at Sprouts right now), so it made a yummy, nutritious meal.

Thanks for reading!


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