10 Vegan Holiday Gift Ideas

Everybody struggles with picking out gifts.  If your recipient lives a vegan lifestyle, the task can seem especially daunting.  However, it’s much simpler than you might think!

Below, I’ve put together a list of my favorite picks to make gift-giving a little easier.  Enjoy!


1. Dining & Gift Certificates

Memphis has a large number of vegan and vegan-friendly food stops.  Grab a gift certificate, or have dinner at any of the awesome places around town.  A few of my 100% vegan suggestions are Imagine Vegan Cafe, Zaka Bowl, Cosmic Coconut.  Seasons 52, a new East Memphis favorite of mine, will provide a binder of diet-specific menus at request, including any modifications you can make.  They’re very accommodating!

2. Cookbooks

We have a ton of local cookbook authors, and any of these would make a great present.  My top picks are Bianca Phillip’s Cookin Crunk, either of Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence’s The Chubby Vegetarian books, or Marisa Baggett’s Vegetarian Sushi Secrets.  (You can read my demo post of VSS here!)

3. Etsy

Etsy is the place for indie products.  I found some of my favorite cruelty-free brands, like Glitter Elixirs, through this site.  If you search for ‘vegan,’  you can find everything from sweets to soaps and clothing.

[ Bird Tote | T-shirt | Organic Soap ]

4. Archipelago Botanicals

While not every product from Archipelago is vegan, their FAQ states that they don’t test on animals.  I’ve never tried any of their body care products, but they make some of the best, long-lasting candles and diffusers I’ve found.  I have a large Mojito candle from them that I’ve been using for at least 5 years.  As a bonus, they will send wick-less candle samples if you’re ever unsure of a scent.

5. Kat Von D Cosmetics

If your vegan loves makeup, I can’t recommend Kat Von D enough.  I swear by the Tattoo Liner, because I’ve been using the same pen for almost everyday for 8 months, and it’s still perfectly consistent.


6. Sweet & Sarah Vegan Treats

It’s hot chocolate season, so why not throw together a basket of sweets like vegan marshmallows?  Sweet and Sara is a family operated company that has been nationally recognized for their products, which can be found on their website, or at a local Whole Foods.

7. Herbivore Clothing

This awesome company is based in Portland, OR.  Their products have plenty of attitude, and I love it.  Besides clothing, they also have vegan leather, cookbooks, and plenty of other things.


8. Tea Infuser Bottles

My mother actually gave me one of these for Christmas once, and I loved it.  They’re typically double-walled and made with a removable insert that can hold loose leaf or bagged tea.  Since they’re extra insulated, they’re great for cold drinks as well.


9. Vegetable Spiralizers

Honestly, I think everyone is obsessed with these nifty little things.  They let you make great alternatives to pasta, and the result looks really cool.


10. Donate to a Sanctuary!

While most people don’t feel comfortable doing something like this because we feel traditionally obligated to hand someone a physical gift, donating to these organizations is something priceless.  Sanctuaries like Farm Sanctuary, Woodstock, and Indraloka rescue and rehabilitate abused, injured, and sick factory farm animals, and helping them out with a donations is something everyone can appreciate.

Happy Holidays!


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