Vegetarian Sushi Secrets Cookbook


I’ve gushed about my love for plant-based sushi in the past.  If you’re a sushi aficionado, you’re bound to appreciate the refreshing flavors of the many kinds of rolls and dishes you can make in your own kitchen.

Local chef Marisa Baggett, known for her first cookbook Sushi Secrets: Easy Recipes for the Home Cook, recently published another sushi-centric book: Vegetarian Sushi Secrets. (Stay tuned til the end to see how you can win your very own copy!)

I was so excited to try some of the recipes!  The book is beautifully illustrated, very descriptive, and provides instructions for everything from a simple veggie roll to desserts and soups.




The first dish I tackled was the Edamame Hummus. (Page 45)  It calls for a 16oz bag of soybeans, so it’s a perfect amount for a gathering.  It was delicious!  The recipe doesn’t call for black pepper, but I dusted it with just a little.  Because I have to have it on everything.



My next endeavor was the Vegetarian Dashi (Page 27), because I always have a large bag of shiitake mushrooms hanging around for soup.  After soaking these, I set some aside for the Shiitake Nigiri I’ll picture later.

The Dashi was light on the palette, and I added a pinch of salt and let it cook down just a bit.  I didn’t use this for a dish in this post because I’m saving it for the Clear Soup with Pumpkin Dumplings (Page 36).


I made the Cucumber-Wrapped Rolls (Page 88) using some of the Edamame Hummus, rice, carrots, and diced mint.  For this one, you have to core the cucumber halves, so you have to take extra care not to accidentally break through the side while scooping the seeds out.  I loved the addition of the mint, which brought a nice, cool flavor into the roll.


Next, I took some of the extra shiitake mushrooms and cooked them lightly on both sides in an iron skillet.  Add rice, ginger, and nori, and you have a savory Shiitake Nigiri!  (Page 64)



The next roll features two of my favorite sushi ingredients: apple and daikon.  I included some of my extra carrots in this roll for more crunch.


Lastly, I made the Eggplant, Mushroom, and Bell Pepper Roll (Page 101).  I sauteed the bell pepper lightly in sesame oil, and it was amazing!


You’ll most certainly be seeing more demos from Vegetarian Sushi Secrets here on the blog, because there are tons of tempting recipes.  There are even some drink instructions tucked in the back!

The book is available now on Amazon, but if you’d like to enter to win a copy, read below!

Enter To Win

From now until 11:59PM on Oct. 21st, Like or Share this Facebook post here to enter!  You can enter as many times as you like.

The winner will be announced on Oct. 22nd, and will receive one copy of Vegetarian Sushi Secrets, delivered directly to them.

Good luck!


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