Wine on the River 2016

If you follow my Facebook page, you may have picked up on how excited I’ve been about Wine on the River.  The prospect of endless wine does that to an Italian.



After vying for a parking spot for close to half an hour, my SO (who happily tagged along) and I made our way through the line and up the stairs to the monorail landing.  Event staff provided ‘passports,’ which were booklets with a map of all 90 tables, and details about what each of them offered.


Even though I’ve never ridden the monorail before, we opted for the bridge that runs above it for a lovely sunset walk.

We picked up our souvenir tasting glasses at the Mud Island River Park entrance, and started browsing tables.  Being big sangria fans, we were successfully tempted by the short line at a table offering an array from Sutter Home.



Truthfully, I stick to white wines 80% of the time, but I’m always open to new kinds.  One of everything, please.



The atmosphere was great, and everyone was in a really good mood.  A couple of times, we were able to chat away with the pourers.

There were several live bands, including Chinese Connection Dub Embassy and J.R. Moore, and a lot of dancing.  We stopped and listened to CCDE for a while, and enjoyed the bright, bustling view of downtown.



One of our stops was a table of California-made wines, tended by two hilarious and enthusiastic ladies.  From here, we both tried the Pedroncelli Sauvignon Blanc, and I tasted the Dry Rosé, while he tasted the Zinfandel.  The Sauvignon was very refreshing, with flavors of lemongrass, green apple, and lime.  The Dry Rosé, however, tasted of strawberry and pomegranate.

As we made our way through the event, we passed familiar food vendors like SideStreet Burgers.  I wound up grabbing a fruit and cheese plate, the classic snack, from one table.  The plate included Colby-Jack, smoked cheddar, smoked Gouda, strawberries, grapes, pretzels, and bagel chips.  Delicious!



The night was still young when we heard the iHeartMedia tent kick up.  It was the tent’s first year at WOTR, and it was a huge hit.  It turned into a giant party, and there was a ton of dancing.

Here’s a list and quick detail of everything else that I tried:

Freakshow Cabernet – Dark, with notes of cherry and fig.

Four Vines Truant Zinfandel – Dark and spicy.  Plum, blackberry and blueberry notes.

Kiona Ice Wine – Sweet and crisp.  Kiwi, pineapple, and mango notes.

Red Mountain Lemberger – Earthy, spicy.  It should be noted that this vineyard was the first to produce a Lemberger in the US (1980).

Del Rio Pinot Gris – Pineapple and peach notes.

Del Rio Rosé Jolee – Slightly sweet, fruity.

Rosatello Sparkling Rosé – Refreshingly light.  Strawberry and raspberry notes.

Amber Falls Sweet Dreams – Smooth and strong.  Caramel and pecan notes.

Amber Falls Pinot Gris – Light and dry.  Fruity notes.

Myx Fusions Peach Moscato – Bright and fruity.

Myx Fusions Sangria Classico – Flavors of lemon, orange, and peach.

One thing I figured out was that, even though I thought I wouldn’t like rosé, the ones I tried were delicious!  The Rosatello Sparkling Rosé was one of my favorites from the entire evening, and even my SO loved it.  We’ll definitely be picking up a bottle from Buster’s soon.


I’m so glad I was able to attend WOTR this year!  Despite the heat, it was a gorgeous night, and the view was amazing.  Additionally, this was my first time to the River Park, so what better reason to go?

If you couldn’t make it, and are up for a bit of travelling, WOTR will also take place in Louisville, New Orleans, and Jacksonville in the next few months.


Thank you to WOTR and iHeartMedia for having me!


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