901 Day | Exposure at Autozone Park

After a great afternoon at the Loflin Yard 901 Day event, we made our way to Autozone Park for Exposure.  Entry was free, but those who RSVPed received a $5 off coupon for an Exposure t-shirt.  The park was packed, and there were vendors and people crowding every hallway.


Immediately upon entering, we were given free bags of Rendezvous’ seasoned popcorn by a very enthusiastic volunteer.  We stashed them for later, and started looking around.



A few booths were present just inside the gates, including Victory Bicycle Studio and I Love Memphis.

The main building housed organizations from all over Memphis.  We sampled some goodies from Muddy’s, and stopped by the Cotton Museum booth to talk to a friend.  Eventually, volunteers started announcing the Celebrity Kickball game was about to start.


Pyramid Vodka, Wiseacre, High Cotton, and Memphis Made were present.  We hit the Pyramid booth first for a taste of this year’s batch.

Pyramid Vodka is unique because they use corn instead of potatoes, and work with local farmers for their supply.  For more on the process, read here.  The flavor will be slightly different than what you might be used to, but very tasty.

After that, I tried the Memphis Made booth.  I’m a huge fan of their Fireside brew, but they only had the Rockbone IPA left, so I tried that instead.  Spoiler: It definitely packs a punch.  It’s much stronger than what I usually look for in a beer, and has a fruity finish.


We settled in for Celebrity Kickball, a local star-studded game with players like Jerry Lawler, Bianca Phillips, and Paula Raiford, and commentary by Holly Whitfield (I Love Memphis).  Since kickball was always my favorite P.E. game back in school, this looked like tons of fun!

The audience was also treated to a performance by the Beale Street Flippers and the Memphis Grizzline.


To finish the night, there was an amazing light and fireworks show by Memphis FX.



We had a great time.  Thank you Autozone Park, Exposure, and Independent Bank, for celebrating local culture and businesses with us!


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