901 Day | Loflin Yard


So, I’m probably the last remaining person in Memphis who had not been to Loflin Yard.  I’ve been hearing about it for months, but I just couldn’t seem to make it.  Initially, it sounded like it was a simple grassy spot with a bar in the middle of Downtown.  Boy, was I wrong.

Loflin opened this past April on the same property where Loflin Safe and Lock was located.  It’s backed right up to the tracks, with the Back Yard stage giving even the train conductors a show.


The Coach House includes a bar, open space, and a ping pong table.  (Pretty entertaining after all those beers.)  The attached patio is sometimes another stage, but also where you can plop into a rocker and enjoy a drink.


The Safe House is where the goods are.  The menu for 901 Day did have a vegetarian option: The Loflin Pimento Cheese with cheddar and smoked gouda, lettuce, tomato and red onion.  Two of the meals were served with a side of Nikki’s Hot A** chips (Either Hot or Cool).



When we entered the Yard, we were greeted by a long tent full of local vendors and organizations.  Choose 901, Project Greenfork, and Phillip Ashley were some.  This funneled visitors back to the Coach House, where people gathered in droves for cocktails.  I started with Ghost River’s Oktoberfest, then moved on to the Memphis Made Lucid Kolsch.  The Kolsch was more my style: light and crisp.


After grabbing our drinks, we snagged a standing table.   Apparently, patrons sometimes leave life lessons and messages on the surface, like this one:

Can’t argue with that.

After braving the crowd for our second beers, we wandered the yard for a bit and listened to the bands.  The ones we were able to hear were Artistik Approach and Marcella and Her Lovers.  Both were great.


After a while, we decided to leave so we could make it to the Exposure event at Autozone Park. (Keep an eye out for that post.)  It was a madhouse.  There were cars lining the streets for blocks.

Overall, it was a really cool evening.  The mood was very open and friendly, and the weather was perfect.  It’s nice to see a place where everyone can gather to celebrate Memphis culture and what it means to be a 901-er.


Thank you, Loflin Yard and Choose 901, for an awesome evening!


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