BreakFest 901 on Broad! | 24 Days Til

Brunch lovers, rejoice!  Saturday September 24th Sept 24 marks the return of one of my very favorite festivals: BreakFest!


BreakFest will once again take place at the Water Tower Pavilion, and will feature not only team competitions, food trucks, and music, but also goodies for attendees and even more awesome perks for VIP ticket holders.  VIPs will be able to taste an array of Bloody Marys from local restaurants, and will have access to the Bedrock Waffle Bar and the VIP area.

Veggies, never fear!  There will be plenty of options, like the Fuel Cafe Food Truck’s breakfast burrito.  Delicious.

The event, like last year, will benefit Urban Bicycle Food Ministry, an organization that has cycled around Memphis for the last several years cooking and giving food to our homeless population.  With that in mind, the festival announced that if you ride your bike and park at Bikesmith, the first 50 cyclists get a custom pint glass and a free beer ticket.

Unlike last year, teams this year will be able to give samples (at their discretion).

BreakFest 2015 was able to raise $2,000 for UBFM.  It’s exciting to wonder how much more can be raised this year for such a good cause.


General Admission: $10

VIP: $30

The fest sold out last year, and tickets are limited, so buy them online to make sure you can get in.


Competing teams have until Sept. 10th to register and pay the $200 entry fee.  (Includes 8 wristbands)  It’s limited to 25 teams total who will compete in any of the 5 categories:


Announced Vendors & Entertainment

French Truck Coffee (formerly Relevant Roasters)


Fan Essentials

Memphis Grizzlies

Rec Room

Elite Outdoor Events


See you there!



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