Riverside 1844 Artisanal Foods

Anyone can tell you I’m a big fan of pickled stuff.  Sweet gherkins, giardiniera, spicy pickled okra…  I have a lot of faves.

Although, I’ll admit, most of those are destined for a vodka on the rocks.

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Riverside 1844 Artisanal Foods is owned by native Memphian Carter Beard, a good friend of the family.  He makes everything from sauces to baked goods to jams and preserves, including his famous Fire & Ice Pickles.

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A Quick History of Home Canning

While the creation of canning food is often attributed to Napoleon, who came up with a basic method of wax-sealing jars shut to preserve food, it wasn’t fine-tuned until 1858 when John L. Mason came up with what we now know as the Mason jar.  His invention differed due to its threaded top and jar, and a lid lined with rubber to keep it air-tight.  These supplies were much cheaper to produce, making them more accessible to the everyday family.  Unfortunately, Mason sold his company and lived the rest of his life a poor man.


Riverside’s specialty mustards add a lot of character to traditionally average meals like sandwiches and burgers.  If you like heat, the Sriracha Mustard (pictured above) is awesome.

Another good option is the Cowboy Candy, which is a jar of candied green and red jalapenos.  However, the Fig Preserves are one of my personal favorites, and his are the best I’ve ever tasted.  He even makes dog treats for your four-legged pals!


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