Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

Half an hour outside Nashville is one end of Natchez Trace, a 440-mile trail that extends from Franklin, TN to Natchez, MS.  It’s a popular route for cyclists, as it typically takes about a week to complete, and is as challenging as it is beautiful.

Recently, on our way back from a trip to Music City, we stopped to watch the sunset from the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge.


The bridge stands just shy of 1,600 feet above Hwy 96, and is 582 feet long.  Locals and visitors alike congregate here at the end of the day, enjoying the dying light and the impressive view.


When I first stepped out on the bridge, I joked that it reminded of Jurassic Park when you first see Isla Nublar.  It’s basically a sea of trees and green.


It had just rained the night before, so it was pretty foggy.  Honestly, it just added to my suspicion that I was going to see a T-Rex head pop out of the foliage.


Isn’t that gorgeous?  The only thing I wish was that we’d made it there before the sun was mostly set.  I would have loved to see all the reds and oranges in their full effect.

My mother on the right.

If you have time to drive there and back in a day (3 hours from Memphis), or are staying overnight, I highly recommend you check it out.  Take some snacks and make a date out of it, or you could go alone and take some time to reflect.  It’s the perfect setting.



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