Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Unboxing & Review

I first heard about Jeffree Star back when I was in high school.  You can thank the requisite ‘I’m not like other kids and omg Hot Topic’ phase that, ironically, a LOT of people go through.  However, last year, I came across his Instagram, and I was intrigued yet again.

(This unboxing is also available on my Youtube channel!)

Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched in 2014, and since then, has developed a huge following.  The line includes a creative array of liquid-to-matte lipsticks, lip scrubs, and the recently-released eyeshadow palette and high-pigment Skin Frosts.

Honestly, I wasn’t really into lipstick until a year or two ago.  My jobs have always called for a lot of talking, and there’s nothing more annoying than your lipstick going cakey and dry from chatting too much.  I knew I didn’t like glittery or shiny lip products, because they always seemed to make me look like a preteen back from their first time at Claire’s.

Allegedly, the JS lipsticks are VERY long-lasting, and the color payoff is also supposed to be incredible.  The only downsides are that the colors are staggered in small batches every few months, so it makes them pretty hard to come by, and they usually sell out within an hour.  The $18 price tag is also kind of hard to swallow.

So, long story short, a little over a month ago, JS released a new color called Mannequin (a light nude) and restocked Unicorn Blood (a very dark red).  Somehow, I managed to snag both, plus a highlighter in Peach Goddess.

So basically, I bought it on June 16th, it shipped June 22nd, and arrived June 27th.


The products came wrapped in tissue paper inside a bright pink cardboard box.  The whole thing was lined with bubble wrap, so no fear of busted product!


So much pink.


To be honest, I don’t really stray far from red or nude.  They’re colors I always know will turn out well with my complexion.


Unicorn Blood, like I mentioned, is a dark, vampy red.  This would be perfect for a night out.

Mannequin, at first glance, appears to be light nude.  However, since JS lipsticks darken as they dry, it turns slightly more brown, and almost perfectly matches my natural color.


It takes about 2 minutes for them to fully dry.  They aren’t ultra matte, so when you touch them after they dry, there’s a faint stickiness, but no color transfer.  They do have a surprisingly good applicator, though.  The fibers are slightly longer than most doe-foot wands, which makes them go on more smoothly.  And yeah, they’re not going anywhere.  The only way I could get them off was with a baby wipe.


Peach Goddess is the most pigmented, shiny highlighter I’ve seen.  You have to have a really light hand with this stuff, or you’re gonna look like a piece of tin foil.  And at 15g, you get a TON of product.  That’s more than most foundations weigh.

However, I’ve discovered that it also makes you look sunburnt unless you’re extremely careful.  Just a warning.


So, all in all, I’m happy with what I got.  It might take me a while to go through all of it, because I’m pretty low maintenance with everyday makeup, but it’s nice to have some good products on hand just in case.

1.5 YEAR UPDATE:  I’ll be completely honest, I don’t really reach for these products.  There are so many indie brands that make cruelty-free products that are even better quality, and with a much smaller price tag.  I feel like you’re mostly paying for the JS name, and I also don’t feel quite right about promoting a creator that obviously has a problem treating people with respect.


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