Sweet Magnolia Gelato | Basil Sorbet

I’ve tried Sweet Magnolia’s gelato in the past and really liked it.  When I worked for Whole Foods, they would give away free small cups of any flavor brought on Vendor Sundays.  So when we started carrying it where I work now, the Basil Sorbet caught my eye.


I love basil.  I’m Italian, I’m required to.  I grow it, and I put it in almost everything.  So the thought of a basil-based sweet is fascinating.



Like I said, my workplace started carrying Sweet Magnolia a few weeks ago, and I’ve seen a wide variety of flavors flow in, but none as intriguing as this pastel green invention.


The basil leaf is a cute touch.


Up front, it’s pretty sweet, and you definitely get the basil, but it really pulls through with the aftertaste.  It leaves behind a nice, refreshing flavor.


Since Sweet Magnolia flavors tend to come and go (they have tons!), grab a pint if you can still get your hands on it!  It’s a great treat!

Have you tried any Sweet Magnolia products?  What’s your favorite flavor?  Let me know!



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