Dixon Gallery | South Lawn Cinema: Moulin Rouge

While I’ll guiltily admit I’ve never been to the Dixon before, I can say last night was the perfect night to check it out.

The venue has been hosting a four-movie series on their ‘south lawn,’ a flat, grassy area just behind the entrance, but unfortunately, this was their last one.  Tickets were just $5 each, and free popcorn was provided.  Mempops was also there, with flavors such as Mexican Chocolate and Orange Vanilla.  A yummy snack in the heat!


Beer and wine were available for purchase, but most people brought a picnic basket.  Someone near us even made their own fruit and cheese plates!  People had everything from blankets to lawn chairs, and a few had outdoor pillows to get extra comfy.

The movie was projected onto a large inflatable screen, and the sound was amazing, but of course you’d need great sound for a movie like Moulin Rouge.  The gates opened at 6PM, but we got there around 7:20.  There were still plenty of spots to choose from, since there were only about 50 people so far.  We wound up right in the center with a great view!


The film was due to start at 8PM, but since the sun sets so late in the summer, the movie was put off til about 8:15, and we were treated to a performance by Opera Memphis.  They also gave everyone a lesson about how Moulin Rouge takes elements of its story from several famous operas, and then the movie started!

I was introduced to Moulin Rouge when I was about 13, and since then, it’s been one of my favorite movies.  Usually, I have mixed feelings about helpless-damsel-in-distress films, but I make an exception for this one.  If you’ve never seen it, and you’re up for a whirlwind romantic comedy/tragedy full of music, passion, and bohemian ideals, check it out!

One other thing I have to say is that the audience last night was fantastic.  Apart from a few disrespectful phone users, the only sounds you could hear were reactions to the film, and nature.  Can’t get any better than that!

So, honestly, I wish the Dixon was able to host more of these movie nights this year, because this one was ‘spectacular!



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