EFFI Foods | Green Tea & Honey Lemon Raw Probiotic Bar


A few weeks ago, I was sent samples of two probiotic bars from EFFI Foods.  I was a little skeptical, because I’ve tried Larabar raw bars before, and they were way too sugary, and frankly, tasted kind of gross.

EFFI pleasantly surprised me though!

Forgot to take a picture before I opened it! Oops!

They’re available in several flavors, but the one I’m reviewing is the Green Tea & Honey Lemon Raw Probiotic Bar.

Before I get to the taste, I’ll go over EFFI’s standards for their products:



EFFI is very conscious of quality and sustainability.  In addition to the list above, the Raw Bars are also high in plant-based protein, fiber and natural energy boosts.  They are low sodium, and have no added sugar or artificial sweetener.  They’re also relatively low-calorie compared to other raw bars!




Unfortunately, it does contain honey, so it’s not completely vegan.

These ‘wellness’ bars are also the “only bar on the market today that is certified by Cleveland Clinic.” (x)




The bar is 1.59oz, so it’s perfect for a quick filler.  It’s not too lemony, and the flavor is pretty smooth.  It’s earthy, but not too earthy, and you get a hint of the cashews.  The texture is like other raw bars.  Soft, but slightly crunchy due to the nuts.  I had it for breakfast, and it kept me full for quite a while.

Where To Buy:

The bars are available online at the EFFI Store in boxes of 12.  If you’re looking for a smaller quantity, you can check the Store List to find a vendor near you.



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