My Top 5 Kombucha/Probiotic Faves

“Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that reside in the gut. Intestinal health depends, to a large extent, on having an ample supply of these beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Research indicates that probiotics may support immune and digestive health.  A combination of a poor diet, medications, stress, environmental toxins and chemicals wreak havoc on our digestive tracts. Many believe that our bodies thrive with a constant influx of probiotics to replenish the gut and counteract these negative effects.”  Kevita

Kevita explains it much better than I can, but anyone who’s ever tried these can tell you that you definitely feel a difference after a while.  I tried them couple of years ago and liked them, but only started using them to combat sickness a few months back.  Normally, I’d force myself to choke down Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day for my once-in-a-blue-moon throat/sinus issues, which is great, but most of the time stops working for me after Day 2.  And the taste is awful.

Recently, I suffered my first (and pretty wicked) case of tonsilitis.  I didn’t know what it was at first, so I grabbed the ACV.  It stopped my throat from being sore when I woke up in the morning, but did nothing to help cure it.  After 3 days of not sleeping from pain, I gave up and went to the free campus doctor, who put me on 5 days of antibiotics.

My mother had some Kevita drinks left in the fridge, so I started trying them out again.  When I was off antibiotics and back at work, I began to grab either a Kevita or Synergy Kombucha on my first morning break.

If feel like this took care of the remaining infection, because it was gone in less than two days, and I haven’t been experiencing any of the frequent random stomach aches I’ve had since I was 13.  (I’m allergic to all kinds of man-made chemicals, so it’s extremely hard to avoid ingesting them, resulting in loooots of abdominal pain.)

So, I wound up trying most of the variety of flavors we carry where I work, and these are the ones I instinctively grab:

5. Kevita Lemon Cayenne



“Lightly sweetened with stevia, and contains no added sugar.  Lemon Cayenne is certified organic and non-GMO, low calorie, low glycemic, vegan, dairy and gluten free.”

Imagine a spicy, fizzy lemonade with healthy stuff in it, and that’s the Lemon Cayenne Probiotic from Kevita.  It’s pretty tasty, and only has 5cal per serving.

4. Kevita Mojito Lime Mint Coconut


Complete with ocean minerals and the ‘classic flavor’ of a mojito, the probiotic version is my favorite Kevita drink during the summer.  The lime is the strongest flavor, and the overall flavor is pretty light and nice.

3. Kevita Cleansing Probiotic Tonic Cinnamon

©Erin Ortasic
©Erin Ortasic

This one seems to be a consistent favorite for people who like kombucha.  It’s slightly tart from the apple cider vinegar, and has a little cinnamon spiciness.

2. Reed’s Organic Kombucha Cabernet Grape

©Erin Ortasic

The Reed’s line of drinks is all organic, raw and long-aged.  This on in particular tastes almost exactly like a glass of light red wine.  There’s no way I could leave it off the list.  It’s delicious.

1. Synergy Grape Chia

©Erin Ortasic

Grapes are probably my favorite fruit, especially chilled like little popsicle bites.  It’s no surprise that my #1 Kobucha is a refreshing grape chia from Synergy’s Enlightened Synergy line.  It’s filled to the brim with chia seeds, which add a really interesting texture, and you might find yourself actually chewing your drink, which isn’t as unpleasant an experience as it sounds.  Pretty tasty!


Bonus: Kevita Cleansing Probiotic Tonic Kale Lemon

©Erin Ortasic
©Erin Ortasic

Just like with the Lemon Cayenne, this tastes like lemonade, but with an undertone of greens.  It didn’t rank high enough to make the list, but still deserved a mention!


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